The ID card holder is solely liable for loss or damage to their card, loss arising from unauthorized use of their card where the cardholder has disclosed his/her PIN to a third party, or loss incurred between the time the card is lost and the registered card holder reports the loss to Student Administration.

The cardholder will receive no reimbursement or refund if their card is lost or damaged. The residual value or credit in an account is only refundable when you complete or withdraw from studies, or employment, at the Western Sydney University.

In the event of a network failure, please be aware that the card readers enable you to continue to copy and print. However your ID card may go into debit if there are insufficient funds, and you are advised to use this facility with discretion. The Library cannot take responsibility for the accrual of excessive debts on ID cards

Further information

Further information on these services, operating procedures and associated equipment please contact the Library, or see staff at the Service Desk.