Student Group Study Rooms


Student Group Study Rooms have reopened for bookings, and to ensure the required physical distancing the maximum numbers per room have changed. Please note the room capacity before making a booking, and you are required to adhere to the specified maximum room capacity at all times, or you will be required to vacate the group study room.

Each campus library offers group study rooms for collaborating on projects, studying with other students and for practicing presentations.

These rooms are bookable online by University students with a current WesternAccount.

For Nirimba TAFE student study room bookings, please contact the Nirimba campus library

To maximise availability of rooms, the following conditions apply:

  • A maximum of one booking per day, of up to two hours per student.
  • Bookings may be made up to 2 weeks in advance.
  • Study rooms are for student group study only, where a group consists of two or more people. Rooms cannot be booked for individual use.
  • You can cancel your booking by clicking on the link provided in the confirmation email, and then clicking on the Cancel booking button.
  • You forgo your booking if the booked room is not occupied within ten minutes of the booked start time.
  • Please do not leave any items unattended. The Library accepts no responsibility for any personal items and reserves the right to ask security to remove unattended items.  Preventing use of study spaces or study rooms by the reserving of space with belongings is not permitted.
  • Study rooms should not replace classrooms. Staff members cannot book these rooms, please book casual teaching space via
  • The Library reserves the right to cancel bookings in violation of these conditions.
  • I agree and wish to make a booking.

For more information or to report booking conflicts or other problems, please see the staff at the Service desk at your campus library or contact the Library.