Subject/Unit Outlines

From Autumn Session 2019, in accordance with the University’s Unit Outlines and Learning Guides Policy, Subject/Unit Outlines for all Schools and The College (except The College Foundation units) are now available from the University Handbook.

The links below are for The College Foundation Subject/Unit Outlines only.

The information provided within The College Foundation Subject/Unit Outlines in this database has been supplied by The College, as a guide for your convenience. If you are unsure of the currency of any unit requirement, please consult your Unit Coordinator.

Download the Subject/Unit Outlines by right-clicking on a link and selecting "Save link as…". To view the downloaded file, you may use Internet Explorer or the latest version of Adobe Reader (make sure you have the browser extensions check box ticked when installing Adobe Reader). For further support, please go to Acrobat Reader Help.