TableBuilder and Microdata

Western Sydney University researchers (current postgraduate researchers and staff) can gain access to a large number of Australian and New Zealand National Statistics via an agreement between the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and Universities Australia.

A range of products and services are available to university researchers, at no cost to the researcher, including:

To find the most appropriate microdata product for your research, see Compare access options and Available microdata.

How to Apply for Microdata

Information on how to register, subscribe, and access the microdata, is available through the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) site.

  • Census TableBuilder Basic datasets can be accessed as a guest user without registering.
  • To access all other TableBuilder and microdata series (including Census TableBuilder Pro) users need to register and subscribe online.

Microdata Frequently Asked Questions provides further information about TableBuilder and Microdata.

How to Access Data


Basic CURFs

  • Log into MicrodataDownload.
  • Alternatively, your Contact Officer can provide you with access to basic CURFs previously received on CD-ROM, once you have registered and joined the organisation in the Registration Centre. For further details about the CURFs on CD-ROM email your Contact Officer:

Expanded CURFs and Detailed microdata in DataLab

  • See About the DataLab for information on which organisations may apply for access to detailed microdata.
  • Contact with your name, organisation and the microdata file you are interested in accessing.
  • An ABS staff member will contact you to discuss your project, arrange training and a session.
  • See Responsible Use of ABS Microdata guide for more information about DataLab conditions of access.

For further assistance please contact your School Librarian.