Book Publishing

The academic book publishing arena is rapidly changing. The high cost of producing a hardcover book has made it increasingly difficult for researchers to secure publishing contracts with reputable publishers. This has led to a rise in the number of vanity publishers. Publications with most of these companies are not eligible for Excellence for Research in Australia (ERA) reporting and should be avoided. If you are in doubt about the status of a publisher, seek advice from your peers, the Research Services Coordinator or your School Librarian

Books proposals for edited or authored books are either submitted for consideration or commissioned by a publisher.

The Submission Process

  • Scan your bookshelves, reference lists, search results and confer with peers to identify possible publication outlets
  • Check publisher’s websites for submission guidelines and comply.
  • Adhere to editorial suggestions if made
  • Read contract carefully or seek professional advice. Note especially any copyright clauses.

Publishing Your Thesis as a Book

Publishing your thesis as a scholarly book is a complex process. A thesis is written for a different audience and considerable modification is required to successfully translate one to the other. The language, structure and some content will usually need to be altered. Seek advice from trusted sources before embarking on this process to avoid disappointment.

Obtaining ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers)

The Library is responsible for Western Sydney University's purchase, recording and allocation of ISBNs for University monographic publications. Library admin staff are responsible for issuing numbers, maintaining records and liaison with Thorpe-Bowker, the national ISBN authority. An ISBN will generally be issued within 7 working days of the request. There are no charge back costs to authors, Schools or Colleges. Before requesting an ISBN, please review the guidelines. For further assistance regarding ISBNS please contact

For all other assistance please contact your School Librarian.