Strategic publishing of your research findings has professional and institutional implications: 


  • Increases the visibility of your research and raises your research profile.
  • Is a consideration when applying for grants, promotions or new positions.
  • Is often a requirement or expectation of employment in an academic or research institution.


Assess all options for publication of your work carefully and pursue those which are most beneficial to your academic reputation.


See the next section for strategies for selecting a suitable journal, and to access the Journal Finder tool. To avoid publishing in a predatory open access journal, consult this simple checklist before submitting.

See also Book Publishing and Publishing During Candidature.


Is it worth your time and effort to submit a paper to a conference if your research will not be published as a result? It depends on why you want to attend.

For your paper to be reportable for ERA, it will need to be peer-reviewed before acceptance, and published in full in proceedings of a national or international conference. Consult this checklist before submitting a conference paper.