Open Access Article Processing Charges: Accessing Institutional Funds

Institutional funds are available to support publication in fully open access journals only. Submissions to hybrid journals (those that remain subscription-based whilst offering an open access option to authors) are not eligible.

Dependent on the availability of University funds, and upon meeting all criteria below, Western Sydney University will pay the article processing charge (APC) for open access publication. The Library administers these funds on behalf of the University through a combination of publishers’ pre-pay membership programs.
Funds are allocated on a first-in basis, are not guaranteed, and will not be approved for papers already submitted to a journal.

As the University has limited funds available for open access fee support, the Library has set a maximum limit of AU$2,830 on APC payments that can be covered. For payments higher than this amount, the University will cover the first AU$2,830 and the balance will need to be obtained from other sources.

Eligibility to access Western Sydney institutional funds

Eligibility is based upon a number of criteria: research component, authorship and affiliation, and minimum journal ranking.

Research Component

  • The article must meet the ERA definition of research.
    The Australian Research Council defines research in the ERA Submission Guidelines as:
    The creation of new knowledge and/or the use of existing knowledge in a new and creative way to generate new concepts, methodologies, inventions and understandings. This could include the synthesis and analysis of previous research to the extent that it is new and creative.
  • Protocols for systematic reviews and clinical trials are also accepted, although these may not always meet the ERA definition of research.

Authorship and Affiliation

  • The Corresponding Author must either be employed by the University on an ongoing / fixed term basis, or be a current / recently completed higher degree research student.
    Casual staff, adjuncts, conjoint, and visiting fellows are not eligible to access these funds.
  • If the Corresponding Author is a higher degree research student (as per above), the publication must relate to research undertaken during the student’s candidature. It is understood that formal publication may occur after the student has completed their degree.
  • Western Sydney University must be listed as the Corresponding Author’s primary affiliation.

Minimum Journal Ranking

In order to maximise the reputational and ranking benefits to the University, the Corresponding Author’s academic employment level or student enrolment level will be considered when specifying the journal’s minimum SCImago quartile ranking:

  • Quartile 2
    Higher degree research students (includes M. Research)
    Level A – Associate Lecturer / Postdoctoral or Associate Research Fellow
    Level B – Lecturer / Research Fellow)
    Level C – Senior Lecturer / Senior Research Fellow
    Level D – Associate Professor / Principal Research Fellow
  • Quartile 1
    Level E – Professor / Professorial Research Fellow

How to access institutional funds once eligibility criteria are met

Contact the Library via this web form, providing all planned submission details so that eligibility and funding availability can be confirmed prior to submission. Funds will not be approved for papers already submitted to a journal.

The Library will contact the Corresponding Author with details on how to proceed, dependant on the publisher arrangement.