With the rise of research dissemination via social media, metrics have been developed to capture this activity and have become an acceptable inclusion in statements outlining research/er impact for grant/promotion applications. Altmetrics collect and collate a wide range of online activity including tweets, Facebook mentions, news items, inclusion in policy documents, blog and Wikipedia mentions, shares on academic networking sites such as Mendeley, research data citations and more. Some altmetric providers such as PlumX, (integrated in Scopus) also include download and view activity of articles from journal websites. A DOI or ISBN is required for altmetrics to be collected on any item. Altmetrics are also available via ResearchDirect.

Many databases, online journals (PLoS, Wiley etc) open access archives (such as ArXiv) and Institutional Research Repositories now contain this type of article level metrics. The University has a subscription to Altmetric Explorer. On first use, you must be logged into Western Sydney to create a free account. Once logged in, click intothe roman building icon at the top left hand side of the screen to access your social media metrics.

For further assistance please contact your School Librarian.