Social Media Sites

Social media can help you disseminate information about your research and build a personal brand. Ensure your social media activity adheres to the University’s Media, Social Media and Public Commentary Policy and Code of Conduct.

Before sharing your research on social networking sites, check publishers’ guidelines. A useful website to visit is How Can I Share it. Find relevant information and practical tools to ensure your articles can be shared with your colleagues quickly and easily. Key sites are:

  • Twitter - This infographic explains the growing role of Twitter in science publication and communication. Follow accounts and hashtags and post regularly to interest potential followers. Help topics are available on the Twitter website.
  • Academia and ResearchGate
    ‘Follow’ researchers or research topics to receive notifications about new material. Create a profile and begin to connect and communicate with other scholars. Check copyright carefully before uploading your work – you could provide the link to a published version of record, or post a pre-publication version of the work.
  • Mendeley
    This is a combined reference manager and networking tool. ‘Follow’ researchers, research groups or research topics and ‘share’ authorised open versions of papers with others. Mendeley ‘shares’ are used to calculate impact on some sites.
  • CiteULike
    Another social reference management website. You can share your library with others, and find out who is reading the same papers as you.
  • LinkedIn
    Owned by Microsoft, LinkedIn is a professional networking site which aims to connect professionals across business, education and industry.
  • SSRN
    SSRN (Elsevier) is an early stage, inter-disciplinary research platform for connecting researchers, evolving ideas, and sharing research.

For further assistance, please contact your School Librarian.