Journal Requirements

Many scientific journals now require an open link to all data underpinning a research article at time of submission.

Examples include:

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Supporting data must be made available to editors and peer-reviewers at the time of submission for the purposes of evaluating the manuscript. Peer-reviewers may be asked to comment on the terms of access to materials, methods and/or data sets; Nature journals reserve the right to refuse publication in cases where authors do not provide adequate assurances that they can comply with the journal's requirements for sharing materials.

Comprehensive requirements available from Nature

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Publication is conditional upon the agreement of the authors to make freely available any materials and information described in their publication that may be reasonably requested by others.

When submitting a manuscript online, authors must provide a Data Availability Statement describing compliance with PLOS's policy. If the article is accepted for publication, the data availability statement will be published as part of the final article.

Comprehensive requirements available from PLoS

Please contact your School Librarian for assistance with journal data compliance.