Academic integrity week at Western 16-22 August.

Academic Integrity Week is running in Spring session at Western from 16-22 August.

It is a specific time to focus on key areas of studying with integrity and how your choices and actions may impact your degree and future career.

Academic integrity is important to each of you. It is about working with ideas in an ethical way and being an honest citizen in the academic community.


Commercial academic cheating services are illegal in Australia. Acting unethically could get you into trouble, both in university and your professional life later. With studying having moved online due to the ongoing pandemic, and cheating services becoming ever-more sophisticated in their approach, knowing how to identify a cheating service has become critical to navigating university life.

Identifying a cheating service.

Illegal cheating services can include websites, individuals and groups that advertise or provide cheating services to students. Often, these services promote themselves as offering ‘study support’, while automatic bots can target students through keywords on their social media posts.

Cheating services may offer to:

  • sell you essays or assignments
  • help you study if you upload previous work from your course
  • sell you study notes, exams or other assessment materials
  • sit exams on your behalf.


Don’t risk your degree - avoid cheating.

It is now easier than ever to identify academic misconduct and students who are cheating online. The government works with national organisations like TESQA (Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency) and universities sector-wide to identify and charge illegal cheating services. Laws against commercial cheating services include criminal penalties such as fines of up to $100,000 for operators. People who provide cheating services for free also face civil prosecution.

As a student, if you use cheating services, you could:

  • fail your unit, subject or degree
  • face disciplinary action for student misconduct
  • lose your visa
  • lose your professional accreditation
  • be blackmailed by cheating service operators

Don’t take our word for it – listen to your student peers.

In this video, Western students explain the importance of academic honesty, integrity and ignoring the temptations of academic cheating. 


Reporting a Cheating Service

  • You can help protect student interests and academic integrity by reporting a cheating service.
  • If you see any material promoting a suspected cheating service via email or on social media, you can now report it to us on the Report a Cheating Service Form.
  • Illegal cheating services will be blocked from the University network and will also be reported to the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) for a possible injunction against them that blocks their website in Australia.



If you are struggling with an assessment, don’t risk your degree by using a cheating service. You can get last-minute help from many services at Western such as:

Library Study Smart

Book a one-to-one online study consultation with a literacy expert to discuss what you need to get back on track and submit that assessment with confidence.


Upload your assignment draft anytime and get writing feedback, usually within 24 hours. Within Studiosity you can also jump into the chat room for real-time assistance with a Subject specialist. Access Studiosity from your vUWS site.

Academic Integrity Module

Complete the Academic Integrity Module online to get up to date with current topics and terminology.

Are you aware of the Student Honour Code?

In 2018, WSU student representatives got together to develop a Student Honour Code to provide a guide and a set of values for academic integrity on behalf of all students at Western.


Have a conversation about Academic Integrity with your student peers today.