New check-in process at our campus Libraries

With more students and staff returning to our campuses, the University has introduced a QR code ‘check-in’ process for those entering the Library and other areas on campus. This is part of our COVID Safe plan so that we can understand who is on campus if we need to assist NSW Health with contact tracing.

The QR codes are unique to each individual library and need to be scanned each day you visit the library.

Before entering the Library, scan the Library access QR code near the entry door to ‘check-in’, confirming that you are well and have not visited a recent confirmed case location that requires you to self-isolate. The pass provided is valid for that library for that day only.

Most smartphone cameras can scan a QR code, but you may need to download a QR code reader app via Google Play or the App Store or use the alternative url listed under the QR code.

Thank you for assisting us to keep our university community safe and well.