Plagiarism: Rights And Responsibilities

The University, its staff and its students share rights and responsibilities in relation to plagiarism:

Responsibilities of the University

Western Sydney University has a responsibility to ensure the availability of:

  • Clear policies on academic misconduct, together with associated procedural guidelines and support;
  • Processes which ensure explicit and consistently applied penalties for breaches, together with appropriate appeal processes;
  • Resources for staff and students which support academic integrity across all areas of the university's endeavour;

Responsibilities of Staff

All Western Sydney University staff have a responsibility to:

  • Lead by example in the appropriate attribution of others' work in teaching and research;
  • Ensure that students are aware of appropriate academic standards when outlining approaches to assessment in their courses;
  • Undertake conscientious evaluation of students' work and identification of possible plagiarism;
  • Ensure that students who do not meet required academic standards are directed to appropriate support services and / or resources;
  • treat students fairly and equitably in accordance with the Code of Conduct and  Student Misconduct Rule.

Rights and Responsibilities of Students

All Western Sydney University students have a right to:

  • Fair and consistent treatment in all aspects of assessment;
  • Be informed of assessment policies and practices including specific course and unit requirements, and of potential outcomes arising from failure to meet such requirements;
  • be informed of appeal processes, in accordance with the Western Sydney University  Student Misconduct Rule.

All Western Sydney University students have a responsibility to:

  • conduct themselves ethically in relation to the proper use and attribution of others' work.
  • be aware of assessment requirements and policies and the University's Code of Conduct, Student Code of Conduct and  Student Misconduct Rule;
  • be aware of avenues for seeking assistance and advice on attribution and assessment within their School;
  • be aware of accepted referencing styles as these apply to specific disciplines;
  • ensure that submitted assignment tasks are their own work except when acknowledging shared ownership of group projects or assessment tasks.