2011 Survey

Library Client Satisfaction Survey, 2011

Western Sydney University Library in top 10% and in top quartile across every category!

During August 2011, the University Library conducted its sixth biennial Client Satisfaction Survey, and I am delighted to announce that the Western Sydney University Library continues to rank in the top decile of all Australian/New Zealand tertiary libraries.

These biennial surveys allow us to measure your satisfaction with our services and offerings, and highlights areas where the Library is both meeting (or exceeding) expectations, and those areas where we are not performing as well as we could.

This year 8,569 staff and students took the time to complete the survey which provides an almost 100% degree of confidence in the results. This is the largest sample ever received in an Insync Library Client Survey . Thank you to all respondents for finding the time to provide us with your invaluable feedback. As with previous surveys, the majority of respondents were undergraduates (78.2%), followed by postgraduates (16.2%), then staff at 3.3%.

Overall Quality and Satisfaction

Western Sydney University Library has steadily improved since its first Client Satisfaction Survey in 2001, and we now rank in the top quartile of Australian/New Zealand tertiary libraries across every category with an overall satisfaction average of 5.77 from a possible 7.

Importance and Performance

Four of the top 5 performance areas are also in the top 5 importance categories, and relate to library staff

Top 5 Performance Factors

  • Library staff treat me fairly and without discrimination
  • Library staff are approachable and helpful
  • Library staff provide accurate answers to my enquiries
  • Library staff are readily available to assist me
  • Face to face enquiry services meet my needs

Top 5 Importance Factors

  • Library staff provide accurate answers to my enquiries
  • Library staff are approachable and helpful
  • When I am off campus I can easily access the Library resources and services I need
  • Library staff treat me fairly and without discrimination
  • Library staff are readily available to assist me

Opportunities for Improvement

Areas of lowest performance, although above the national average, are:

  • A computer is available when I need one
  • I can get wireless access in the Library when I need to
  • The items I'm looking for on the library shelves are usually there
  • Laptop facilities (e.g. desks, power) in the Library meet my needs
  • I can find a quiet place in the Library to study when I need to

Whilst none of the above items are within the top 5 importance factors, they are areas which we will continue to attempt to address.

The implementation of laptops for loan across the libraries has proven a mixed blessing. Whilst increasing the number of computers available, wireless access continues to be problematic in many locations. ITDS are currently looking at upgrading hardware which they hope will address the core problems. We will review the facilities for laptops and where we can we will increase the number of power points and desks.

Library refurbishments have allowed the creation of additional numbers of study rooms, and quiet study areas. However we clearly need to review noise levels across all libraries to ensure quiet study areas are available when required.

Collection adequacy remains an ongoing issue. We provide e-access to texts and readings where possible, and have increased the number of copies of resources purchased. We will continue our collection building endeavours across all discipline areas.

Further detailed analysis by campus and School will be undertaken in order to identify trends and targeted strategies for improvement.

As with previous surveys, extensive comments were included by many respondents. These will be analysed in detail to further inform our improvement strategies.

View a PDF summary of the survey (402kb)

View a PDF of the full survey (Warning large download - 3 mb)

Elizabeth Curach
University Librarian