Survey Result 2001


Over a four week period in August 2001 the Library conducted a survey to provide a means of identifying key customer concerns in order to identify and manage the key prioritised issues affecting library clients.

We thank everyone who participated in the survey . We value your opinions and are drawing upon the indicative findings in improving our services.

Whilst the total response rate of 552 respondents was much lower than expected, indicating that results should be views with some caution and as indicative rather than conclusive, the survey identified 10 priority issues where respondents indicated a need for improvement. Items are listed below in order of priority:

1. Number of computer workstations are adequate

Western Sydney University Libraries made available 215 computer workstations in 2001. An additional 42 public access machines will be commissioned in January 2002.

We are currently reviewing the placement of workstations in each library to ensure maximum accessibility and utilisation.

2. Photocopying facilities are adequate

We try to keep photocopy costs down by striking a balance between the number of machines at each library and the total number of copies each machine makes.

We shall, throughout 2002, undertake further analysis of photocopier utilisation on each campus.

3. Prompt corrective action is taken regarding missing books and journals

We will institute a clear procedure across all libraries for reporting missing items. We will respond to missing item reports within one working day, and you will be notified if the item has been found.

Where items cannot be found we will promptly replace them, and provide assistance to you in finding a copy at another library.

4. Library collection is adequate to my needs

No library will ever be able to buy every item that users want; however we aim to acquire 90 - 95% of all materials cited on course outlines. Increasingly, we are purchasing materials in electronic form to maximise accessibility.

We are monitoring loans statistics to identify high demand items and purchase additional copies where required.

We have increased our budget for the purchase of books, journals and electronic access by $1.5million in 2002.

5. The library provides adequate group study rooms/facilities

We wish to undertake further analysis (campus by campus) of this issue.

In 2001, an additional 6 group study rooms were commissioned.

A major study of library buildings is scheduled to take place in 2002.

6. Books and journals are re-shelved quickly

We are currently undertaking a process review of re-shelving across all libraries.

We are aiming for a to return items to shelves within 24 hours of return from loan.

We are increasingly acquiring journal in electronic format. Electronic journals are never unavailable, and are accessible across all libraries and from home or office.

7. Information resources are easily accessed

We believe this priority may be related to issues 4 and 5 above.

We will ensure appropriate signage to clarify shelving sequences and help find needed items

We will continue to improve and enhance our electronic gateway, the Library web page at

8. Materials are processed rapidly for inclusion in the collection

Whilst not always the case, Western Sydney University Library can now boast one of the fastest 'turnaround times' from point of order to materials on shelf of any Australian tertiary library.

Most purchases are sourced from overseas suppliers. Our goal is to maintain turnaround times to 6 weeks.

Increasing provision of electronic journal tittles eliminates shipping and processing delays - the titles are often accessible on the day they are published.

9. Electronic equipment is in working order

We have recently instituted a sophisticated electronic 'equipment fix' system, and are carefully monitoring all equipment to ensure minimum downtime.

Major improvements to the Western Sydney University network throughout the latter part of 2000 greatly assist in our endeavours to provide a robust equipment infrastructure in the Libraries.

10. Library staff are readily available to assist me

All libraries provide a staffed service point throughout library opening hours.

We will continue our work in ensuring the most effective deployment of staff, particularly in identified periods of peak activity.

To access the full survey (2246KB), click here.